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Ooh, they have the Internet on computers now?

I think this would be akin to teaching your parents how to use the computer. Well, mine anyways.

Wired Journalists is like a MySpace website where traditional journalists can create a profile, network with each other and together learn how to find their way around the “Interweb” (that’s how I imagine they call it).

“Bravo!” I say to these Johnny-come-latelies. If this isn’t proof that social media is force to be reckoned with then I don’t know what is. It is not so much a matter of these old schoolers taking an interest as it is a “do or die” reality. You either adapt or you slowly become extinct.

But I don’t believe traditional media will go the way of the dinosaur. It will adapt by absorbing aspects of social media, sort of like a fish growing limbs and walking on land (there’s my Cole’s notes version of Darwinism. Feel free to use it.). And it’s already happening – every media outlet has a website with either a blog, RSS feed or podcast. Television stations are even asking their viewers to submit their “newsworthy” digital images. Either they are embracing the concept of “citizen journalism” or have figured out its cheaper than using their own cameramen. (I guess you aren’t “everywhere” anymore, CityTV.)

Former colleague and dear friend Andy Donovan posts his client’s videos on YouTube. It’s been his experience that journalists are hungry for new content and are looking to the web for it. (To any journalists who see this: go to Andy’s YouTube page and feast away!)

Now if Lloyd Robertson would only start blogging…




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